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Facts & Figures

Map of FSC-certified Forests in Canada (© FPAC)© FPAC

Growth in FSC-certified Forests in Canada

  • Over 50 million ha certified to FSC FM Standards in Canada. 
  • The number of FSC certified forests has grown by 191% in the past five years.
  • 34% of Canada’s certified forests are FSC-certified.
  • 31% of the world’s FSC-certified forests are in Canada.

Growth of Global FSC-certified Forests

Growth in FSC-certified Chain of Custody Certificates

  • Over 850 Chain of Custody certificates in Canada. 
  • Over 28,000 Chain of Custody certificates worldwide.

FSC Canada Facts & Figures

As of December 2015
54.4  million ha certified
71 FM Certificates
804 CoC certificates

FSC Global Facts & Figures

As of December 2015
187.8  million ha certified
1,355 FM/CoC certificate
29,824 CoC certificates

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