Decision making is a balance of Participation, Democracy & Equity

General Assembly (© FSC Canada)© FSC CanadaDecision-making within FSC takes place by Members around the world. International Members are divided into chambers (Environmental, Social, and Economic), with an additional, Aboriginal Peoples chamber in Canada, each with equal voting power. The purpose of the chamber structure is to maintain the balance of voting power between different interests.

General Assembly

FSC International Members gather every three years at the General Assembly, FSC's highest decision-making body, to make key decisions regarding FSC’s future.  Motions are proposed by one member, and seconded by two more, voted on by members, weighted according to the north-south chamber structure. Learn more about the 2014 General Assembly

Board of Directors 

The members vote for the Board of Directors, which is accountable to the members. There is an international board elected by all members and a Canadian Board, elected by members resident in Canada with two elected from each of the chambers for a two year term.

FSC International & National Offices

The FSC International Center in Bonn, Germany and National Offices around the world run FSC on a day-to-day basis.

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