Why Choose FSC?

We protect forests & wildlife

FSC is the only forest certification system that protects rare and endangered forests and wildlife. All forests that are undergoing FSC certification must be assessed to determine if they contain any areas of high conservation value, and if these do exist they must take action to protect and enhance these values.

We protect Aboriginal Peoples' rights

(© freepik)© freepikFSC is the only forest certification system that requires consultation with local Aboriginal Peoples with the intention of protecting their rights, on both public and private lands.

We protect community & worker's rights

With respect to the rights of communities and workers, the FSC standard not only requires forest managers to consult with these social groups, but to provide fair compensation; protect their health, safety and livelihoods; and allow them to organize under international labor conventions. FSC’s standards go far above and beyond worker training and insurance.

We’re governed by our members

We’re democratically governed, and over 800 social, economic, and environmental members help us to set the right policies to protect the world’s forests.

We have the highest standards

We set higher standards than any other forest certification scheme, which gives users the best assurance that certified forests are being managed responsibly.

We’re respected and credible

We are the preferred certification scheme for business and the one most widely used by members of the Fortune 500.

Our impact is far-reaching

Operating in over 100 markets, we issue more certificates globally than any other forest certification scheme.

We have influential support

Our membership includes the world’s largest and most respected environmental NGO’s such as Greenpeace and WWF, both of which are vocal in their support of FSC over others.

We’re transparent

Every process and decision we make is open to public review and our product claims are independently audited.

Our standards are globally consistent

Wherever we operate in the world, our standards are based on the same principles and criteria.

We think local

Every FSC forest certification process is open to local consultation so the people who live there can always have their say.

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