Group Certification

Providing Access to Certification

FSC has created Group certification as a way  to provide access to certification for small enterprises (e.g. printers, groups of artisans, portable sawmills) that already have a legal organization or support from an external organization, such as a trade association or cooperative.  By centralizing the collective responsibilities of certification, group members can reduce the costs and administrative requirements of certification.

Who needs Certification?

Companies of all sizes and production intensities may apply for certification and be evaluated against FSC’s Standards. Any company involved in the transformation, processing, manufacturing or distribution of a forest-based product must be FSC-certified in order to sell product with an FSC logo and/or with an FSC Claim.

Eligibility criteria for Chain of Custody Group Certification

Companies that meet the criteria below are eligible for FSC Group certification:

  • Have no more than 15 employees (including full time, part time, and seasonal staff), OR
  • Have no more than 25 employees and an annual turnover of US$1,000,000. (Turnover here is defined as total annual revenue from goods and services)
  • All group members shall be located in the same single country as the group entity

Current Group Certificates in Canada

To join an existing FSC Group certificate, contact a group manager below:

Groupe Lignum

Click to view group CoC members
Contact: Nicolas Blanchette
T: 819-566-5792

Sustainable Northwest Canada

Click to view CoC group members
Contact: Jordan Zettle
T: 541-948-5140
E: jzettle at sustainablenorthwest point org

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