Group Certification

FSC has created Group certification as a way to provide access to certification for small enterprises that already have a legal organization or support from an external organization, such as a trade association or cooperative. By centralizing the collective responsibilities of certification, group members can reduce the costs and administrative requirements of certification.

Eligibility criteria for Forest Management Group Certification

There is no restriction on the maximum size that a group certificate can cover in terms of:

  • Number of group members;
  • Their individual forest property size; or
  • Total forest area.

The Group entity shall have sufficient human and technical resources to manage and control the Group in line with the requirements of the standard.

Current Group Certificates in Canada

To join an existing FSC Group certificate, contact a group manager below:

Chabot, Pomerlau & Associes

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Contact: Claude Chabot
T: 819-791-8668
E: cpa at chabotpomerleauass point com

Corporation de gestion de la certification forestière des territoires publics du BSL (CGCBSL)

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Contact: Normand Simard
T; 418-493-2097 x 114
E: normand.simard at groupelebel point com

Eastern Ontario Forest Group

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Contact: Jim Hendry
T: 613-258-8422

Fédération des organismes de gestion en commun du Bas-Saint-Laurent

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Contact: Serge Leclerc
T: 418-495-2054 ext.102

Forêts privées certifiées du Québec

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Contact: Dominic Besner
E: dbesner at upa.qc point ca

Northshore Forest Inc.

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Contact: William Moryto
T: (705) 869-4020 ext. 263

Nova Scotia Landowners & Forest Fibre Producers

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Contact: Peter Burchill
T: 902-625-3800
E: pete at nslffpa point org

Silv-Econ Ltd. - Resource Management Consultants

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Contact: David Puttock
T: 905-898-3085
E: silvecon at rogers point com

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