Why Become Certified?

Becoming FSC-certified adds value to business

Reasons for becoming FSC certified – Source: FSC Market Info Pack, 2016-2017

  • Certification raises industry standards in forest management
    FSC certification is the only framework supported by environmental NGOs such as Greenpeace and WWF. It sets a benchmark for all forestry organizations and communities.
  • Certification creates tangible economic benefits for your business
    As public and private sector organizations around the world increasingly enforce stringent requirements on environmentally responsible procurement practices, becoming FSC certified gives forest owners and timber producers access to new markets and a stronger, more diverse customer base, creating higher revenues.
  • Certification creates stronger links between your business and your customers
    Being FSC certified gives your brand credibility, as customers can be confident of the responsible origins of your products. It also enhances your corporate reputation and creates new marketing opportunities.
  • Certification protects forest ecosystems and helps fight climate change
    FSC prohibits illegal logging, forest degradation, and deforestation in certified areas. By becoming certified, you will be doing your bit to protect forest ecosystems and reduce the impact of climate change.
  • Certification ensures you will be up to date with government requirements
    A growing number of countries and regions, including: the European Union, the USA, and Australia have legislation banning the use and trade of illegally harvested timber and products made from it. Respecting these laws is the foundation of FSC certification, so you will greatly reduce your risk of exposure to illegal timber.

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