Regional Forest Management Standards

Forest Management (FM) certification involves the verification, by a third-party Certifier, that a forest meets FSC's Forest Management Standards. All FSC FM Standards are based on FSC's International Principles & Criteria. At a regional level indicators and verifiers are further developed in order to reflect the unique environmental and social requirements of the region. Regional FM Standards are accredited by FSC International. In Canada there are four regional Forest Management standards:  

National Boreal Standard

FSC-certified Forest in Ontario (© Vermilion Forest FSC-C020065)© Vermilion Forest FSC-C020065The FSC National Boreal Standard was accredited in 2004 and applies to the Boreal forest region across the country.

BC Standard

FSC-certified forest in BC (© Tembec)© TembecThe FSC BC Standard was accredited in 2005, and is intended for application throughout the province of British Columbia, with the exception for the portion of northern BC where the National Boreal Standard applies.

Maritimes Standard

FSC-certified Forest in Nova Scotia (© Neal Livingston RA-FM/COC-000214-9)© Neal Livingston RA-FM/COC-000214-9 The Maritimes Standard was accredited in 2008 and applies to the Maritimes provinces of Canada; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

GLSL draft Standard

FSC-certified forest in Ontario (© EOMF SW-FM/COC-000232)© EOMF SW-FM/COC-000232Once approved, the Great Lakes St. Lawrence (GLSL) Standard, will be applicable for all forests in the GLSL forest region of Ontario and Quebec, but not west of Lake Superior. The standard will also apply to areas of Ontario that are part of the Carolinian forest region.

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