Smallholder Support

Resources for small, low-intensity, and community forests and producers.

Smallholders are an important part of the FSC system. In total, they may hold a lot of forested lands, but as individuals they lack the economy of scale to sell their wood in international markets at prices that can compete with bigger companies. 

Smallholders that become certified find better market access, more support (technical and financial), and higher prices for their timber. With these benefits, smallholders can also play an increasing role in building and maintaining an active local timber industry. 

How does FSC support Smallholders?

For those that qualify as Smallholders, FSC offers policy tools that help to reduce the costs of certification as well as access to financial and technical support to help Smallholders maintain certification and benefit from using the FSC label in the market. 

FSC has also developed tools, templates and educational resources to help smallholders establish and maintain their FSC certificates and cultivate supply chain connections between smallholders, forest products companies and retailers. To learn more about FSC’s Smallholder support tools and resources, select one of the options below:

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