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FSC's mission to ensure environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of our forests is only made possible through the generosity and participation of our supporters.Click on the icons below to get involved and help us continue our important work!

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The FSC ‘check-tree’ logo, the ‘FSC’ initials and the name ‘Forest Stewardship Council’ are registered trademarks and may only be used by FSC-certified companies. Non-certified companies may only use the FSC trademarks in limited circumstances and if they have received prior written permission from FSC to do so.

Become FSC Certified

5 steps to becoming Forest Management or Chain of Custody certified.

Standards Development and Revision


FSC is committed to developing and maintaining high standards for responsible forestry. We actively seek input from FSC Members and stakeholders, to ensure that social, economic and environmental interests are all represented. Below are areas of work FSC Canada is currently involved in and opportunities for participation:

Forest Audits & Consultations

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This section includes Public Consultations on Forest Management companies which are pursuing FSC-certification and notices of annual audits for Forest Management companies that are currently FSC-certified.

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FSC is an international membership-based organization and members are the highest decision making authority within FSC. FSC members demonstrate their commitment to responsible forestry, and have a vote in FSC's governance and standard development process.


Check this page often for updates on FSC Canada events.

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