FSC membership for Aboriginal Peoples

Shape the future of responsible forest management

As an organization, we bring together, diverse groups including: private enterprises, NGOs, international organizations, indigenous groups, and educational institutions. All of whom share a common desire to improve the state of the world’s forests and keep our forests for all, forever.

FSC members are fundamental to the organization and its vision. Diverse economic, social and environmental interests share decision-making authority, bringing integrity and resilience to FSC. Membership in FSC is an opportunity to ensure consideration is given to various issues, including they respect and recognition of Indigenous rights in forest management. Membership means you can participate in decision making in a vibrant international group of individuals and organizations.

What do Aboriginal Peoples gain through FSC?

  • A clear role in decision making through the Aboriginal Chamber in Canada and the Social Chamber internationally;
  • An opportunity to assume a leadership role in the growing market for independently certified forest products;
  • An opportunity to ensure forest management certification standards address the requirement to recognize and respect Aboriginal and treaty rights.

Benefits of Membership

  • Support healthy forests and strong communities
  • Join an international network of individuals, companies and organizations taking action to improve the state of the world’s forests;
  • Have a voice on the conservation and responsible use of our forests;
  • Participate in FSC's governance by submitting motions and voting at General Assemblies,
  • Participate in Annual General Meetings and electing our Board of Directors;
  • Are able to run for the FSC Canada or FSC International Board of Directors
  • Participate in the development of FSC certification standards, policies and procedures.

Our members

The following are current members of the Aboriginal Chamber:

  • Bigstone Cree Nation
  • Biigtigong Nishnaabeg
  • Cachagee, Wade, Mr.
  • Cardinal, Sandra, Ms.
  • Council of the Haida Nation
  • Courtois, Valerie, Ms.
  • Craig, Chris, Mr.
  • Flood, David, Mr.
  • Gillis, Kevin, Mr.
  • Haines, Darren, Mr.
  • Joseph, Larry, Mr.
  • Kebaowek First Nation
  • Mississauga First Nation
  • National Aboriginal Forestry Association
  • Nipissing First Nation
  • Perreault, Pamela, Ms.
  • Premiere Nation Wolastoqiyik Wahsipekuk
  • Rekmans, Lorraine, Ms.
  • Roach, Nadine, Ms.
  • Smith, Margaret (Peggy), Dr.
  • Wahkohtowin Development GP Inc.
  • Wolf Lake First Nation

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Who can join?

FSC membership is open to First Nations, Tribal Councils, Political Tribal Organizations, Aboriginal organizations, Aboriginal businesses and individuals.

Cost of Membership

We are currently running a promotion for members applying to the Aboriginal Chamber in Canada - for Aboriginal organizations that apply before December 31, 2021, we will waive your FSC membership fee for 2 years.


Organizations must:

  • Submit a FSC Membership application form;
  • Provide a signed ‘self-declaration’ form;

Apply Today

if you have questions about the application process, please contact: Marie-France Thompson m.thompson at ca.fsc point org

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