International Consultations

Documents developed by FSC International such as standards, policies and invitations for participation can be found on the FSC international website.

Forest Management and Controlled Wood Audits

This section includes public consultations on Forest Management companies which are pursuing FSC-certification, becoming recertified and notices of annual surveillance audits. You will also find controlled wood audit consultations in this section. Please note that public notice documents are provided by certification bodies and may only be available in French or English.

RYAM Gestion Forestiere Abitibi-Ouest, La Sarre, Quebec

Audit Type: Forest Management Certification Main Evaluation
Certification Body: NepCon
Audit Dates: March 16, 2020

Romeo Malette Forest

Audit Type: Forest Management Re-Certification Audit
Certification Body: SGS
Audit Dates: March 9-13, 2020

Abitibi River Forest Management Inc.

Audit Type: Forest Management Surveillance Audit
Certification Body: SAI
Audit Dates: June 15, 2020

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