Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Staff in GreenThe Forest Stewardship Council invites you to participate in FSC Friday, a global celebration of responsible forestry. It’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate responsible forestry in Canada and worldwide.

Have your own celebration. Here are a few ideas:

  • Promote online: Help us raise awareness of FSC Friday by promoting it on your website, newsletters and through social media. See our toolkit for access to social media assets.
  • Staff awareness: Gather your staff or green team to watch videos about FSC, organize a lunch and learn or discuss why your organization became FSC certified. Many companies have held FSC themed coffee breaks over the years accompanied by delicious looking FSC themed cakes!
  • Business to business: Increase understanding of FSC among your customers with distribution of FSC factsheets or flyers, seminars, or product promotions. You can also formally tell your suppliers that you only want FSC certified products from now on, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Dress up in green: Dress in green (or as a tree!) for the day to highlight your commitment to FSC.
  • Walk in the forest: If you’re near a forested area, go for a walk among the trees. Watch the changing colour of the leaves, count species of animals and plants, or create a treasure hunt list and see what you can find. Forests are fantastic places to explore!
  • Customer promotions: FSC Friday is a happy occasion! Make your customers happy by offering Customer Promotions. You could offer discounts on your certified products - we can help to promote this on our website and through social media.
  • Host an open house: Be proud that you’re FSC certified! Host an open house by inviting customers or local school groups to visit your site and learn about FSC certification. In previous years, businesses have teamed up with schools to plant trees, and show them around paper mills to explain how paper is made.
  • Other ideas? Email us and we can help you brainstorm.

However you end up celebrating, remember to send us your photos and don’t forget to use the hashtag #FSCFriday.

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