Show Your Support for FSC Week 2021

FSC Week runs from September 20-24

The goal of FSC Week is to increase knowledge, encourage commitment and raise appreciation for FSC and FSC certified products. Our vision is to drive positive change for our world's forests through informed consumer choices.

We need your help! Yes, you!!

3 Reasons to get involved

  • Consumers want to learn about your sustainability commitments.
    Studies show that 81% of global consumers feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment (Nielson 2018). And Canadians agree, with 88% of those polled agreeing that we need to protect forests for future generations (GlobeScan FSC Consumer Research).
  • FSC Certification increases credibility for your brand/organization.
    FSC is the world’s most trusted forest certification system. In fact, trust in FSC outweighs charities, other certifications, companies/brands and governments (GlobeScan 2017). FSC Week provides the perfect time to share a reminder about your commitment to FSC, responsible forest management and/or responsible material sourcing. By doing so, the trust in FSC is extended to your brand/organization.
  • Many Voices Make a Big Impact.
    Together we can create a chorus of support for FSC and responsible forestry, amplifying our impact and drawing much needed attention to the importance of caring for our world’s forests.

4 Ways to get started now!

  • Include FSC Week (Sept 20-24) in your marketing and communications plans.
    If you are not on the marketing team, please forward them details on FSC Week.
  • Register HERE for FSC Week Toolkit.
    Register HERE to receive your #standforforests digital toolkit and further updates.
  • Inspire your organization to get involved.
    Learn more about FSC Week with this inspiring presentation. Be Sure to share it with your sustainability and marketing teams.
  • Want to create your own unique way to support FSC Week? We can help!
    Check out past celebrations to get the ideas rolling. Need more help? Reach out to Monika Patel at

Join us as we show that a simple stand can make a wild difference for our world’s forests.

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