FSC. It’s good for business and good for the forest.

Making environmental sustainability a core principle of your business mission is an important, often daunting, step to take. Choosing to purchase and market your business in an environmentally friendly way, however, can be a simple, pain-free decision when you choose FSC-certified products.

There are a number of ways for companies and organizations to be active within the FSC Market through buying and selling FSC-certified products, using the FSC logo on products and on promotional materials, and establishing paper and wood procurement policies.

By buying FSC-certified products you are investing in our future. Protect wildlife, habitats, ensure clean water, and keep our forests healthy for generations to come.

What you can do:

  • Purchase wood and paper products with the FSC guarantee for your internal and external needs.
  • Develop a formal procurement policy requiring that suppliers provide FSC certified products.
  • Stock FSC products on store shelves. Be sure to specify that you wish to have the FSC label printed on the products.
  • Subscribe to FSC’s marketing toolkit. Help consumers choose FSC and understand the benefits of choosing FSC.
  • Become a Member. Members are FSC’s decision makers, they vote on policy, standards and governance of FSC.

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