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Forests provide the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. Forests also provide us with the wood and paper products we use every day. Behind every piece of lumber and every sheet of paper there is a story of a forest and the animals and people that depend on it.

Each person and organization that is part of FSC has a unique story to tell about why they care about our forests and what they're doing to show they care. These stories and commitments to our forests are what FSC is about: healthy forests and strong communities.

Kruger Products

Kruger Products (© Kruger Products)© Kruger ProductsKruger Products

Kruger Products is the FIRST Canadian tissue manufacturer to earn FSC certification for consumer and away-from-home tissue products and has one of the largest tissue certified product line-ups across North America.


Rona (© Rona)© RonaRona

Rona is the first Do-it-Yourself retailer in Canada to become FSC-certified and broadly offer FSC-certified products to Canadians. 


Tembec Logo (© Tembec)© TembecTembec Logo

Tembec is the first and largest forest product company in Canada to make a  company-wide commitment to seek FSC certification on all of their forest management units.

WWF Canada

WWF CanadaWWF Canada

The World Wildlife Fund Canada is one of the founders of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and for the past generation has been fighting for Peace in the Woods. 

Wolf Lake First Nation

Wolf Lake First Nation (© Wolf Lake First Nation)© Wolf Lake First NationWolf Lake First Nation

The Wolf Lake First Nation's traditional territory is in the Dumoine River watershed and the Kipawa region. Their administration office is located in Temiscaming, Quebec, about 400 km northwest of Ottawa.

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