Geos Spa Sacacomie

The first FSC Project Certification awarded in Canada

A reflection of its surroundings

In 1992, Yvon Plante bough some public property from the government. Led by his personal ambitions, he decided to create a hotel which was reminiscent of cabins in western Canada which preserves the natural character and wildness of their surroundings.

The goal was to update the hotel and add a 1440-m2 (15,000-sf) interior and exterior spa. At the same time aiming to minimize its environmental impact and incorporate sustainable design elements, including the use at least 50% FSC-certified wood products and obtain FSC Project Certification.

Overcoming challenges

At the time, some of the chosen suppliers didn't have access to certified products. And yet, since the priority of this project was to use wood stemming from a sustainable forest, RPM Sustainable Development found certified wood producers, ordered the wood for the suppliers, supervised and documented the delivery of the wood, as well as of the Chain of Custody to ensure the integrity of the final product.

The Results

The Geos Spa Sacacomie used a total of 83 per cent FSC-certified ergionally sourced white pine, making it the highest percentage in a Canadian accommodation facility.

"In a way, the forest serves as the Sacacomie business model! The FSC certification not only proves that we can work with products that come from a sustainable forest, it also shows how much we value this resource that has allowed our establishment to become such a unique and welcoming place" - Joyce Plante, President, Hotel and GEOS Spa Sacacomie.

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