Jean-Talon SAQ

SAQ location in Jean-Talon Market in Montreal, Quebec, gets a ‘green’ roof

Matching the store to the surrounding market

The Montreal Corporation of Public Markets commissioned design professionals to plan the construction of a new liquor store (SAQ) made with recycled material near the Jean-Talon public market.

The SAQ met the design professionals in the planning stages and asked for innovative and sustainable designs for the new shop. The proposed approach was to limit interior finishes and give the raw character associated with public markets all within a budget of $5-$10 million CAD.

This had to include sound management of residual materials including:

  • the use of recycled materials and FSC-certified wood;
  • the installation of concrete floors that integrate glass powder
  • using recovered bottles as a replacement for cement and limestone

Sustainable Design

The architectural and construction team were able to deliver an imposing 74-meter FSC-certified black spruce roof structure supplied by Nordic Structures, consisting of Nordic Lam wood decking, beams and short columns.

The high exposed wood ceiling allowed for an abundance of natural light to enter and contribute to the acoustics, enhancing the space for both customers and vendors.

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