Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co (© Canadian Wood Council)© Canadian Wood CouncilThe Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) green building rating system aims to assure environmentally sustainable design and construction by rating buildings on their ability to meet criteria in the following six categories: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation in Design. Depending on the number of points a building earns, it then receives a rating of LEED certified, silver, gold or platinum. For more, visit www.cagbc.org

As of 2013, 37% of LEED Canada projects had achieved the Materials and Resources Credit 7: Certified Wood Credit. Of this total, 61% have gone on to achieve Platinum LEED status and 46% Gold LEED Status.

Material & Resources Credit 7

The LEED Materials & Resources Credit 7 recognizes the environmental and social value of building with responsibly sourced wood by including a credit that is specific to the use of FSC-certified products.

Buildings may earn this credit, with a value of one point, if a minimum of 50% of wood-based materials and products (by cost) in the building are FSC-certified. This includes, but is not limited to structural framing and general dimensional framing, flooring, finishes, furnishings, and non-rented temporary construction applications such as bracing, concrete form work and pedestrian barriers.

In order for a building project to achieve the Certified Wood credit, the project manager must provide, for each product purchased, the FSC Chain of Custody certificate number (e.g. XXX-COC-######) from the vendor or manufacturer from whom it was purchased. This means that the FSC-certified product must be purchased from a company that is FSC-certified. An invoice and shipping documents from the FSC-certified company that identifies the product type, cost per unit, status of product as FSC-certified, and the company's FSC certificate number is sufficient proof for the LEED submittal requirements.

Earning Multiple Credits

The MR7: Certified Wood credit can also be combined with other credits to earn multiple LEED points.

Find FSC-certified Products & Verify Suppliers

Search for FSC-certified suppliers in Canada http://marketplace.fsc.org/portal/

Verify that your supplier is FSC-certified by visiting www.info.fsc.org

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