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Earn LEED Credit by purchasing FSC certified wood products

In the LEED v4 commercial rating system, FSC is recognized in the Building Product Disclosure & Optimization: Sourcing of Raw Materials credit which has different options for credit achievement. In Option 2 ‘Leadership Extraction Practices - Wood Products’, credit may be earned by using products that are at least 25%, by cost, of the total value of permanently installed building products in the project.

Requirements for use of FSC certified wood in LEED

Vendor must be FSC Chain of Custody certified. Vendors are defined as companies that sell products to the building contractor or subcontractor. Product must carry an FSC Claim (FSC MIX, FSC Recycled, FSC 100%). Invoice must :

  • Identify each wood product on a line-item basis
  • Identify FSC products on a line-item basis
  • Demonstrate dollar value of each line item
  • Include FSC Chain of Custody code (e.g. XXX-COC-######) of vendor. Verify code at www.info.fsc.org

Note: Invoices with FSC claims are required for documentation purposes to achieve the credit - unless the alternative documentation process is employed

Alternative Documentation Process

The Alternative Documentation Process is an option only available to architectural woodworkers who supply custom manufactured FSC certified products to LEED projects and install the products on the project site. Woodworkers who choose to work with the alternative documentation process must:

  • Be FSC Chain of Custody certified and list their FSC certification code (e.g. XXX-COC-######) on the project invoice;
  • Install the custom products (millwork, casework, furniture) on the project site; and
  • Provide a document, separate from the invoice, which includes their total cost of FSC certified wood used on the project as well as the total cost of wood materials.

Eligible Products

  • Wood based products include solid wood products, chip and fibre products, and engineered wood products.
  • Examples of wood-based products that would be eligible for the Certified Wood credit: logs, lumber, timbers, mill work, glulam, trusses, mouldings, veneers, plywood, OSB, particleboard, MDF, panelling/siding, flooring, decking, framework, fire/pressure treated products, casework and furniture (if built-in).
  • The entire product must carry an FSC Claim (FSC Mix or FSC 100%). No partial claims are permissible.
  • Products with an FSC Claim of “FSC 100%” or “FSC MIX Credit” should be valued at 100% of the product cost;
  • Wood products identified as “FSC MiX {##}%” should be valued at the indicated percentage of the product cost (e.g. FSC MIX 75% valued at 75% of cost).
  • Wood products identified as “FSC Recycled” are treated as recycled inputs and contribute as such. FSC certified material cannot be double counted in LEED v4.

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Information and resources on LEED v4 can be found on the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC)’website: www.cagbc.org

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