Promotional Logos

What are FSC’s trademarks?

The FSC promotional logos can be used to promote the fact that products are certified or to promote FSC as a system.

why use the promotional logos?

Consumers have high expectations that the forest based products they buy are sourced responsibly. Promoting FSC certified products empowers consumers to make informed choices about the products they purchase and allows businesses’ to communicate their commitment to responsible forest management.

where can they be used?

Promotional logos can be used on catalogues, point of sale materials, websites, press releases and other promotional materials.

(© PRNewsfoto/Kimberly-Clark Corporation)© PRNewsfoto/Kimberly-Clark Corporation

who can use them?

Retailers & Brands that sell FSC-certified (finished & labelled) products can apply to use the promotional logos. Learn whether you are eligible here.

how to use them

Brands & Retailers should apply for a trademark license to use the promotional trademarks. Please visit our page here for details.


Brands & Retailers must send uses of FSC promotional logos to FSC Canada for approval. Learn more here.

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