Retailers/brands who buy finished, FSC labelled products from and FSC-certified company and sell these on, unchanged, to end users may apply to FSC for a trademark license to enable them to use the FSC trademarks to promote these products in brochures, point of sale materials, in-store, on websites, in press releases and more.

Promoting FSC-Certified Products

Retailers/brands may use the FSC trademarks to promote finished FSC-certified products (packaged and labelled) if all of the following apply:

  • The products are finished and are to be sold only to final consumers;
  • The products are each labeled with the appropriate FSC Label;
  • The products have been sourced directly from, and invoiced by, an FSC-certified company;
  • The products are covered by the scope of that company's Chain of Custody certificate; and
  • The products are not to be transformed/altered, repacked or relabeled in any way.

If you do not meet all of the requirements above e.g. if you label or manufacture products, you may need to attain an FSC certificate. Please click here for more information on FSC certification.

If you do meet all of the requirements and wish to apply for a trademark license, read the sections below.

Where you can use the trademarks

Trademark Licenses allow organizations to use the FSC trademarks in catalogues, point of sale materials, websites, press releases and other promotional materials to promote FSC-certified products (finished & labeled).

Trademark License Application Requirements

  • Signed application form agreeing to the terms of the License Agreement
  • Proof that the products are FSC-certified (e.g. invoices, order confirmations, purchasing orders) stating the FSC products being supplied, their associated FSC claim(s) and the certificate number of the supplier. Financial information can be blacked out. Copies of suppliers FSC certificates are not sufficient.
  • Once the application is approve an Annual Administration Fee will apply. Fees are calculated on a scale from $250 to $10,000 per annum based on the size of a company, see Trademark License Agreement for details. An element of the fee is used to police the use of the FSC trademarks by organizations operating outside the FSC system.

To apply, contact info at ca.fsc point org

Authorized trademark users have a unique license code that identifies them.

To look up the license code for a Non-Certificate Holder (e.g. retailers and companies at the end of the supply chain with licenses but that do not require CoC certification) search using the Non-Certificate Holder Licensee database: 

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