Nominations & Elections

Just like our members, FSC Canada’s Board of Directors are fundamental to the organization providing diverse Aboriginal, economic, social and environmental interests, and bringing integrity and resilience to the FSC system.

FSC Canada is seeking motivated volunteers that can bring a broad range of perspectives to provide effective oversight of the organization and govern all activities and affairs of FSC Canada.


  • August 1, Call for Nominations closes
  • September 1, Voting opens, ballots circulated
  • September 29, Voting closes
  • October 2, New Board members are announced

Seats Open

  • Aboriginal Chamber - 1 seat
  • Economic Chamber - 1 seat
  • Environmental Chamber - 1 seat
  • Social Chamber - 1 seat 

Nominations Criteria

Nominees must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a member of FSC International, resident in Canada, in ‘good standing’
  • Submit a completed nominations form, seconded by another member of FSC
  • Be committed to socially, economically and environmentally sustainable forest management practices
  • Be able to serve the minimum 2-year term
  • Be able to work well as part of a team, contribute reasoned opinion, and accept and support decisions reached by the Board
  • Be experienced with membership diversity and understand regional issues

NOTE: Certification bodies, government owned or controlled entities and industry associations may not be represented on the Board of Directors.

To nominate a candidate

If you would like to nominate a candidate or run for the FSC Canada Board of Directors, please review the Nominations Package and submit the Nominations form by August 1, 2017. Note: If you have any trouble with the form, please download and save the form to your computer in order for all functions to work.


Only FSC members are eligible to vote. Members from each chamber vote in the Board of Director elections. Each chamber shall equally have 25% of the voting power. The total voting weight of all individual members in each sub-chamber is limited to 10% of the chamber’s total voting weight.


The results of the election will be announced electronically to the membership and posted on the FSC Canada website after the close of the election period and after candidates have been notified of the election results.

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