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FSC members are fundamental to the organization and its vision. FSC relies on the diverse economic, social and environmental interests of our members to share the decision making authority to bringing integrity and resilience to the FSC system. Click here for a full list of members.

Hear what some of our members had to say:

Andrew Tremblay

Individual member - Economic Chamber

“Being on the FSC Canada board, I’ve found it refreshing that we can discuss different points of view and then still be able to share a drink and a laugh after.”

Brenda St-Denis

Lands and Resources Manager, Wolf Lake First Nation - Aboriginal Chamber

“Our parents and grandparents have taught us many important uses for the animals and the trees, keeping these alive will play an important role.”

Cliff Wallis

Volunteer Secretary-Treasurer, Alberta Wilderness Association - Environmental Chamber

“I have been around the FSC family since 2001 and first rolled up my sleeves in advising on the Boreal Standard for Canada. I believe that FSC has already made a difference in Canada’s approach to forests and there is an atmosphere of enthusiasm, collaboration and respect that keeps me engaged. The future of Canada’s forests, its peoples, and its wildlife are at the core of my commitment to FSC.

Elston Dzus

Forest Ecologist, Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. - Economic Chamber

“Increasing brand recognition is one of the areas I personally want to focus on within the tenure that I’m on the board of directors for FSC Canada.”

Julee Boan

Boreal Program Manager, Ontario Nature - Environmental Chamber

“FSC’s strength rests with our ability to engage each other with open minds to achieve common goals. If we respect that strength through this period of transition, I think FSC Canada will continue to be a world leader in forest certification.”

Natalie Swift

Yunesit'in Forestry Project Coordinator with Ecotrust Canada and MSc in Forestry Student in the UBC Faculty of Forestry - Social Chamber

"I decided to become a member of the Forest Stewardship Council so that I could contribute to the development of progressive policies concerning some of the complex social issues that arise from or influence the management of forest lands in Canada."

Peggy Smith

Interim Vice-Provost (Aboriginal Initiatives), Lakehead University - Aboriginal Chamber

“I hope FSC will continue to set an example for how the world can achieve sustainable forest management, balancing economic, social and environmental values, with a deep respect and acknowledgement of Indigenous peoples at its core.”

Pier-Olivier Boudreault

Forestry and conservation project manager, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Environmental Chamber

“I love participating in the events organized by FSC – I am always surprised by the quality of the conversations and the level of commitment of people in the FSC system. It is rare that an organization has so much diversity in people and opinions; that’s one thing I really appreciate about FSC.”

satnam manhas

Individual member - Social Chamber

“I want to see us (FSC Canada) challenge ourselves to be a better organization in the coming years, and for us to partner with the right people/organizations.”

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