FSC Members are fundamental to the organization and its vision. Diverse economic, social and environmental interests share decision-making authority, bringing integrity and resilience to the FSC system.

Balanced Interests

In order to equally balance the interests of different stakeholders, FSC is governed by three chambers that balance the voting power between different interests. International Members are divided into chambers (Environmental, Social, and Economic), with an additional, Aboriginal Peoples chamber in Canada, each with equal voting power.

Democratic and Equal Voting Rights

In Canada, the votes of all FSC Members in each chamber represent an equal vote. FSC Canada can only pass a motion if more than 50% of the voting power of members in good-standing in each of the four chambers voted in favour of the proposal.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, which is accountable to the members, is elected by the members. The FSC Canada Board of Directors is elected by members resident in Canada. The FSC Canada Board consists of 8 individuals, 2 from each chamber (Aboriginal Peoples, Social, Environmental and Economic) and serve for a consecutive 2-year term. Learn more about how you can run for the FSC Canada Board of Directors.

Annual General Meeting

Each year FSC Canada hosts an Annual General Meeting where newly elected Board of Directors are announced and members are informed of previous and future activities. It is also an opportunity for the members to receive an update on the organization’s financial status and vote on any resolutions that have been proposed. Join us for our Annual General Meeting.

FSC International

FSC Members gather every three years at the General Assembly, FSC’s highest decision-making body, to make key decisions regarding FSC’s future. Motions are proposed by one member, and seconded by two or more, and then voted on by members around the world. Once a motion has passed, FSC International staff will develop a work plan and execute the project. FSC international will work with National Offices for projects that have a global impact.


Internationally, the votes of all individual members in each sub-chamber represent 10% of the total vote of the sub chamber, while the votes of the organizations represent 90% of the total vote.

Board of Directors

The FSC International Board of Directors is elected by all members globally. The FSC International Board consists of 9 individuals, 3 from each chamber (Social, Environmental, and Economic).

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