Blog 7: A Complete Design and farewell to Canada

Sigrid with the final Canadian FSC version of her design (© Morten Bo Johansson)© Morten Bo JohanssonFSC Denmark annually hosts a Design Award competition for Danish design and architecture students based on their use of wood and sustainable practices. The winner of the 2014 FSC Denmark Design Award, Sigrid Juel Jensen, has won a trip to Canada, where she will visit FSC-certified forests, develop a version of her winning design at a local workshop and get a close look at FSC and responsible forest management in Canada.

The design is almost done and our journey is coming to an end

The journey across Canada is coming to an end. We have visited FSC-certified forests right across the country all while Sigrid worked on a Canadian version of her winning design. Today we have arrived in Vancouver to finalize the design project. 

Completing the design

We will be completing Sigrid’s design at a Michael Green Architecture in Vancouver. We are excited to see the finished result. Sigrid and Frederik get started on threading the long dowel. The ‘arms’ of her design that were crafted in Nova Scotia at Windhorse Farm will be added to the dowel at the end. 

Challenges and praise

The dowel works its way slowly through the thread cutter. It takes time and is difficult to turn.  The dowel is hemlock and slightly soft to work with, presenting some challenges. "A harder wood we would be perfect," says Sigrid, but this shows that thread cutter works. A number of people in the Workshop drop by occasionally to see if they can help with anything and to see how the work progresses. "This looks awesome," says one of the other architecture students who goes to the workshop. There is praise for Sigrid’s idea here. "It's so great to feel that people here are interested and at the same time exciting, that any of them are studying the same as me. It is a super workshop this, " says Sigrid.

A finished SCREW

"It's good to finally have SCREW finished. The parts are nothing without each other, so it's great to finally be allowed to see the whole. It has been an amazing experience. We have traveled from the east coast to the west coast and met so inspiring and hospitable people all the way - not to mention the wildlife. It has really been a good trip.”

What’s next for Sigrid? 

Sigrid’s Canadian adventure has come to an end. She will return home to Denmark with her Canadian version of SCREW.  

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