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Wednesday, 20 November 2019
FSC receives funding to help implement stronger caribou conservation in Canada’s forests

The project will help support forest companies in understanding Forest Stewardship Council’s measures to protect boreal woodland caribou

FSC Canada has received funds from Environment and Climate Change Canada to assist with effectively implementing FSC’s new requirements to protect boreal woodland caribou in Canada.

The project aims to support forest management companies in understanding measures to protect boreal woodland caribou; support certification bodies on how to assess conformance of companies with the new requirements; monitor implementation; and monitor effectiveness of FSC’s new boreal woodland caribou conservation requirements.

"We are facing some of the most important issues in Canadian forest management history,” said Francois Dufresne, President, FSC Canada. “Caribou are both an indicator and umbrella species, meaning they signify the health of the forest and support other plants and wildlife including birds, insects and small mammals. Caribou are also an essential resource for Indigenous Peoples. This project will be very helpful in ensuring that forest management companies understand the requirements and ultimately support conservation of woodland caribou.”

FSC Canada’s regional forest management standards were updated in June 2019 to a new national Forest Management Standard after five years of rigorous consultation with industry, environment, social stakeholder and indigenous groups. The new standard addresses the most pressing issues facing Canadian forests now, including Woodland Caribou, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Workers’ Rights including Gender Equity, Landscape Management and Conservation. Learn more here

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