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Friday, 14 February 2020
Call for Participation: Small scale, low intensity and community forests standard Testing

Call to SLIMF and Community Forest Managers

With the upcoming publication of Draft 3 of the Small scale, low intensity and community forests standard, FSC Canada is preparing the testing phase of this new standard.

The overall objective of this testing phase is to obtain an increased understanding of the context and implications of specific proposed requirements of Draft 3 as a means to inform the final revision of the standard.

FSC Canada is looking for participants for the upcoming testing of Draft 3 of the Small scale, low intensity and community forests standard. Testing opportunities are likely to include the following topics:

  • Full version of Draft 3
  • Aboriginal rights & Free, Prior & Informed Consent in the context of SLIMF
  • Conservation area network in the context of SLIMF

Forest managers are not expected to implement Draft 3 requirements, but rather engage in technical discussion, scenario analysis and/or provide evidence regarding how the forest manager’s current practices or experiences align with Draft 3 requirements. Other feedback regarding the auditability of the draft standard requirements will be welcome.

Some of the testing will be done remotely (desk audit), while the testing of the full standard will occur onsite. Testing is scheduled to take place from April to July 2020. Level of effort required by the forest manager is dependent upon the topic of inquiry.

Please contact Elaine Marchand ( or Dominic Lessard ( by March 20, 2020 to express your interest in participating, identify which opportunities (listed above) would be of specific interest to your organization, or if you have questions regarding the testing opportunities.

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