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Monday, 25 May 2020
Forest Management Standard Gets Digital Definitions

Our new Forest Management Standard is now easier to use

As you know, FSC launched our new standard for sustainable forestry in June of 2019. In the standard, there are many defined terms that can be found in italics with an asterisk (*) beside. Based on your feedback, and to support the certification process, we have developed a second format of the standard (FSC-STD-CAN-01-2018 EN_V1_with definitions) – a pdf document that provides pop-up definitions, or a link to the glossary, for each defined term. The goal is to allow everyone to quickly and easily see the definitions for each term.

If a defined term has more than one word within it e.g. Forest Landscape* and Intact Forest Landscape*, objective(s)* and Management Objective(s)* etc. please hover over the FIRST word in the full defined term to generate the most accurate pop-up definition.

In order to create this version, small amendments to the original standard document were made – however the content remains the same.

The original and approved standard can still be found on the FSC Canada website here. If you prefer to use this format we recommend you print the glossary separately and use it alongside the standard to provide you with the definitions for each defined term with an asterisk (*).

At this time the new digital format is only available in English.

Thank you for your ongoing support of FSC.

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