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Tuesday, 20 March 2012
FSC Principles & Criteria: Next Steps

In February 2012, FSC announced that the revised Principles & Criteria, the guiding framework for developing regional forest stewardship standards, were approved by the FSC Membership

This milestone marks the beginning of an important next phase in FSC's work. With the revisions, FSC International will now embark on:

•    Publicising the approved revised Principles and Criteria (April 2012);
•    Developing International Generic Indicators (IGI) ;
•    Transferring National Forest Management Standards;
•    Developing a Generic Standard for Certification Bodies.

FSC has launched a new website aimed at guiding FSC stakeholders through the development of International Generic Indicators (IGI). Online now at, this resource provides an overview of next steps in the IGI process as well as the work plan and timeframe. 

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