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Tuesday, 31 January 2012
FSC Members Approve Revised Principles & Criteria

Adopted almost 15 years ago, FSC’s Principles and Criteria (P &C) form the guiding framework for developing regional forest stewardship standards appropriate to local social, ecological and economic conditions, FSC is pleased to announce that the revised Principles & Criteria have been approved by the FSC Membership.

In 2008, FSC International initiated the process of revising the FSC Principles & Criteria. Since 2008, several drafts of the Principles & Criteria have been released for public consultation and comment. The review process was led by the Principles & Criteria Review Steering Committee, made up of six representatives, two from each of the Economic, Environmental and Social Chambers. As the first major revision in the history of the Principles & Criteria, the new P &C brings FSC practices current with the policies, clarifications, and lessons learned since its inception in 1993.

This milestone marks the beginning of an important next phase in FSC's work. With the revisions, FSC International will now engage stakeholders  in the development of baseline requirements (the 'Generic Indicators') for each of the Criteria. This work will begin immediately through outreach to members on key issues to be considered in the drafting of the Generic Indicators. 

As this next phase unfolds, FSC Canada will begin planning to align our Forest Management Standards (National Boreal Standard, Maritimes Standard, BC Standard and Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Standard) with the new Principles and Criteria. FSC Canada will begin to provide status updates and opportunities to become involved throughout the course of 2012.

FSC Canada would like to thank FSC Members for taking the time to vote on the draft revisions and their participation on this important process that has enabled FSC to move forward with renewed confidence in FSC's work.

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