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Sunday, 01 August 2010
Study shows FSC Leads the Way in Responsible Forest Management.

A recent study has confirmed that FSC certification creates the most on-the-ground change in forests and for forest-dependant communities. 

The study found that FSC certification consistently outperforms other forest certification systems in each of the environmental, social, economic and management themes. The authors also found that FSC certification brought about the greatest change in the conservation of high conservation value forests, forest management planning, and relations with First Nations communities.

To view a copy of the study, appearing in the July/August 2010 issue of The Forestry Chronicle, visit: certification audit results comparison august 2010.pdf

Correction to 'Branching Out' September 2010

Please note that the following is a correction on the article entitled Study shows FSC Leads the Way in Responsible Forest Management” published in the Branching Out newsletter in September. The authors of the study quoted in the newsletter (Masters et al. ‘Forest certification audit results as potential changes in forest management in Canada’) would like to emphasize that the study results do not provide conclusions about changes on the ground.

The audit conditions indicate areas where forest certification can improve forest management in Canada, only if the conditions are implemented, which may not always be the case for all certification systems. With regards to comparisons between forest certification systems, Masters et al. emphasize that it is not possible to make conclusions on the relative stringency of a standard based on how many or how few conditions were found in audit reports.

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