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Monday, 30 August 2010
FSC-certified forest area in Canada reaches 39 million ha (96 million acres)

In the past month, FSC certification in Canada has grown by 8.3%, or 2.9 million ha (7 million acres) to 39 million ha. 

The area of FSC-certified forests in Canada is now equivalent to an area the size of Newfoundland and Labrador! This rapid growth in supply of FSC-certified fibre is anticipated to continue as an additional 6.5 million ha (16 million acres) of forests are in the process of becoming certified. 

New FSC-certified Forests (since July 2010):

Association des intervenants forestiers des Hautes-Laurentides (SW-FM/COC-005043) 
1,068,154 ha
Corporation of the County of Simcoe (SW-FM/COC-005013) 12,093 ha
Groupement Forestier et Agricole Tache (SW-FM/COC-005023) 30,778 ha
La Compagnie Abitibi-Consolidated du Canada Inc (SW-FM/COC-005038) 
1,741,850 ha
Sciere Carriere Ltee (SW-FM.COC-005027) 59,089 ha

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