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Tuesday, 20 June 2017
FSC Public Consultation on draft CoC Advice Notes and Interpretations

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On Tuesday, June 6, FSC launched a public consultation on a set of advice notes and interpretations for the new FSC Chain of Custody Standard (FSC-STD-40-004 V3-0). Comments are due by July 6, 2017.

The following is a list of the draft documents with proposed changes:
1. FSC-DIR-40-004

  • 1. Advice Note 14 – Supply chain integrity (page 20)
  • 2. Advice Note 15 – Establishment of credit accounts for pulp and paper products (page 21)
  • 3. Advice Note 16 – Neutral materials that cannot be distinguished from FSC certified ingredients (page 23)

2. FSC-DIR-20-011

  • 1. Advice Note 9 - Addressing nonconformities related to false claims (page 12)
  • 3. FSC Interpretations – Chain of Custody (pages 27-29)
  • 4. FSC Interpretations – General (page 17)

These four documents, along with the form to use for submitting comments, are the first five documents available for download at the bottom of the following web page: […]. All proposed changes are marked as track changes in these draft documents.

FSC Canada recognizes that some of the draft language is difficult to understand. We are working with colleagues at FSC International to clarify the language and its intent. We encourage stakeholders to submit general comments about the advice notes and interpretations, as well as any specific text edits you care to offer. Please comment by using the comment form provided on the consultation web page above.

Thank you,

Josh Zangwill,
Chain of Custody Manager

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