Technical Updates

Friday, 26 October 2018
Forest Management Standard Update

In September 2018, FSC Canada submitted our national Forests Management Standard to the Policy and Standards Committee of FSC International for approval.

The PSC commends the Standards Development Group and stakeholders that have been involved for the considerable efforts made to address complex and contentious issues, many of which are unique to Canada.

Based on the PSC’s review, they have conditionally approved the standard. This means that there are a number of conditions FSC Canada must address before the standard is fully approved.

From now until the end of November, FSC Canada and the Standards Development Group will be reviewing these conditions and recommendations and working to resolving any issues that have been outlined. Once this is complete, the standard will be resent to the PSC for full approval during their December meeting.

We expect to provide an update following the PSC’s meeting in late December.

For questions, please contact Francois Dufresne f.dufresne at ca.fsc point org or Monika Patel m.patel at ca.fsc point org

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