Technical Updates

Sunday, 31 October 2010
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Standard Development

In 2006, FSC Canada initiated the process for developing an FSC regional Forest Management (FM) standard for the Great Lakes St. Lawrence (GLSL) region in Ontario and Quebec.

 The result of this process was the release of the GLSL Field-tested Draft Standard (v2) in April 2007 which, as of July 2010 has been referenced (exclusively or with the National Boreal Standard) in 28 Forest Management certificates.  
FSC regional Forest Management Standards must be formally accredited by FSC International to be used as the standard against which a forest is audited by Certification Bodies. In order for the GLSL Field-Tested Draft Standard (v2) to be eligible for accreditation, several outstanding elements must be addressed. FSC Canada has initiated a process to address these elements, and a new draft of the GLSL Standard (v3) will be posted for public comment in the coming months. All comments will be reviewed and considered and a final draft GLSL will be developed. If approved by the FSC Canada Standards Development Group, the final draft GLSL standard will be recommended for accreditation to FSC International as per FSC-STD-60-006 v1-2. For details regarding this process, or to view the work plan, please contact standards at fsccanada point org.

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