Forest Management Standard Revision

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FSC Canada is currently revising its Forest Management Standards (National Boreal Standard, Maritimes Standard, BC Standard and Great Lakes-St. Lawrence draft Standard) and aligning the Standards with the new Principles and Criteria.

A second draft, for which public consultation is now open and is summarized below, is the culmination of a four year process involving dozens of individuals and organizations across Canada. A final version of the standard is set to be completed by fall 2017.


Consultation period: November 24, 2016 to February 17, 2017

[November 24, 2016] FSC Canada is pleased to launch a second consultation of its National Forest Management standard representing leadership in forest management.

Proactive and comprehensive, Draft 2 of the standard advances current practice, streamlines and improves the efficiency of standard requirements while moving towards alignment with the FSC international IGI framework.

Most notably, accompanying the second draft are three new documents which present current perspectives and guidance of the most complex aspects of the new FSC forest management standard:

1. Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) Guidance Document – released November 24, 2016
2. Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL) Technical Working Document – released December 6, 2016
3. Indigenous Cultural Landscapes (ICL) Discussion Paper – released December 6, 2016

We encourage all interested parties to review these four documents and provide written comments during the consultation period which ends on February 17 2017.

Tools and Resources

Draft 2 Summary Report

The consultation process for Draft 1 engaged many stakeholders and Indigenous People. In total, more than 1500 comments were received. Following this consultation process, the Standard Development Group, Technical Expert Panels, committees, consultants, and FSC Staff reviewed and modified Indicators based on Draft 1 feedback. FSC Canada believes that Draft 2 represents a viable consensus ensuring the successful implementation of the new National Forest Management Standard.

FSC Forest Talk

The following videos are part of an information series to help you walk through proposed changes and updates to the draft National Forest Management standard.


Intact Forest Landscapes

Indigenous Cultural Landscapes


On December 1, 2015, FSC Canada released Draft 1 of the National Forest Management Standard for consultation. The consultation period ended February 2, 2016, and many engaged stakeholders reviewed and commented on the draft in order to assist in furthering its development.

In total, FSC Canada received 65 submissions, providing over 500 pages of comments and greatly appreciates the time and effort taken by stakeholders to assist in this process. For the entire consultation results from Draft 1 please see "Public Summary: Draft One Consultation of FSC Canada’s National Forest Management Standard".

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