Scale, Intensity & Risk


FSC Canada releases indicators for small-scale, low intensity and community forests for public consultation until September 5, 2016. Take a look at what’s new and what will stay the same.

As part of the national Forest Management Standard revision process, FSC Canada has developed indicators for small-scale, low intensity, and community forests.

The scope of these indicators have not been finalized but this draft serves to open the door to stakeholders and Aboriginal communities for their input to ensure all indicators are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.

The indicators within this draft have not been reviewed or approved by FSC Canada’s Standard Development Group (SDG). Based on input received, a second draft of the SIR indicators will be released in concert with Draft 2 of FSC Canada’s National Forest Management Standard and these will be reviewed entirely by the SDG.

FSC Canada invites all those interested in reviewing the draft indicators to provide comments by September 5, 2016 using the comment form below.

Watch the video below on Scale, Intensity and Risk:

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