Forest Management Standards Development Group

Ensuring best practices in the forest

FSC-certified French Severn Forest (© Ken Webb)© Ken WebbFSC Canada has assembled an eight person Forest Management Standards Development Group (SDG), with representation across chambers (Aboriginal Peoples, Social, Environmental and Economic), with an equal number of people in each chamber  and consideration for regional representation, gender balance and diversity of experience.  

The FSC Canada Standards Development Group has been convened to support the development of a National Forest Management Standard with common indicators and regional indicators, where warranted. 

*NOTE: For the Aboriginal Peoples and Social Chambers one of the two seats is shared by 2 people, a PRIMARY and ALTERNATE. In both cases, capacity issues were identified, and the use of alternates was a means to allow comfortable participation at the table.

Chris McDonell, Rayonier AM - Ontario

Andre Gravel, Domtar - Quebec

Nicolas Blanchette - Quebec

Solange Nadeau - New Brunswick
Solange works for Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Atlantic Centre and conducts research on social aspects of forestry such as: forest-dependent communities, attitudes and motivations of forest woodlot owners, public participation in forest management and policy making.

Cliff Wallis - Alberta
Cliff is an avid naturalist and a professional biologist. After extensive experience with Alberta Parks he set up his own successful consulting firm, which for many years now, has done outstanding audio-visual work and assessments of wildlands. He is best known for his love and knowledge of grassland and parkland ecosystems in Alberta.

Dave Pearce, Wildlands league / CPAWS - Ontario
Dave has worked for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Wildlands League Chapter since 2003 on issues related to forest management, focusing on boreal issues and caribou management. He is currently the Manager, Forest Conservation for CPAWS Wildlands League.

Peggy Smith,– Ontario (PRIMARY)
Peggy is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Natural Resources Management at Lakehead University. Peggy teaches Forest Policy and Legislation in Natural Resources, Environmental Assessment, and Aboriginal Peoples and Natural Resources and research interests focus on the social impacts of natural resource management, including Aboriginal Peoples’ involvement in natural resource management, development and conservation, community forestry, public participation, northern development, and forest certification. Peggy received her Ph.D. from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Forestry in 2007 and is a Registered Professional Forester who graduated from the Faculty of Forestry at Lakehead University in 1991.

Russell Diabo, Wolf Lake First Nation- Quebec / Ontario (ALTERNATE)
Russell is a Policy Advisor at Wolf Lake First Nation and at the Algonquin Nation Secretariat. Russell is also Editor and Publisher of the First Nations Strategic Bulletin an online newsletter on First Nation political and legal issues.

Kevin Gillis – Saskatchewan
Kevin works for FSC-certified Mistik Management where he works with a range of operational and technical skill sets focused on the maintenance of biodiversity, wildlife and other environmental values in the forest landscape. Kevin’s knowledge of key environmental values, acquired from a combination of pre-activity reconnaissance, field work, local trapper and outfitter stakeholders and Aboriginal traditional use stakeholders has resulted in exceptional landscape-level forest harvest design and implementation.

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