National Risk Assessment Update and Revision

The following describe the processes in place to update and revise Canada’s National Risk Assessment

In order to keep the National Risk Assessment (NRA) up-to-date, FSC Canada has developed a series of processes and tools allowing feedback from stakeholders and users to be incorporated into the NRA. FSC Canada has identified four ways to update and revise the NRA while addressing complaints, comments, questions and suggestions that are submitted:

  • NRA Administrative Update (Type 1)
  • Clarification via the Technical FAQ document (Type 2)
  • 5 years Revision Process (non-urgent) (Type 3)
  • Urgent Amendment (Type 4)

The NRA Update and Revision Process flow chart reproduced below described the context under which these four methods can be applied. The summary table available for download also includes criteria and examples for each of the four methods.

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To submit a comment, question or suggestion regarding Canada’s National Risk Assessment, please use the following form:

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