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Kruger Products is the FIRST Canadian tissue manufacturer to earn FSC certification for consumer and away-from-home tissue products and has one of the largest tissue certified product line-ups across North America.

“Kruger Products selected FSC as its certification scheme because responsible forestry management is very important to us. FSC is well recognized around the world as the most rigorous social and environmental standard in the forestry industry. Our FSC-certified products allow Canadians to become part of the sustainability solution.”– Mario Gosselin, Chief Operating Officer, Kruger Products

Kruger Products is Canada’s leading manufacturer and distributor of tissue and paper towels for consumer and away-from-home use. In 1948, Kruger Products launched its first reforestation project and we’ve been at the forefront of protecting our environment ever since. In 2010 Kruger Products launched Sustainability 2015, our first formalized plan to reduce our environmental footprint. Two of our goals include receiving FSC Chain of Custody Certification, ensuring accountability from forest to product to shelf, and manufacturing our products using only 100% third-party-certified fibre, ensuring that the fibre in our products comes from only sustainably harvested forests.

We encourage everyone who works with us – customers, retailers, suppliers, distributors – to share our commitment to environmental protection.  We promote a more sustainable approach to business all along the supply chain.

In 2011, Kruger Products attained FSC certification, becoming Canada’s first tissue manufacturer to achieve this rigorous environmental standard. With more than 150 consumer and away-from-home products (40% of our production) qualifying for certification, Kruger Products also has one of the largest portfolios of certified tissue products across North America.

Kruger Products' vision for a sustainable future

Through Sustainability 2015, Kruger Products is embarking on a new path. Our move to a more systematic approach to reducing our environmental footprint builds on our past achievements and we are formally incorporating sustainability into all of our products and every aspect of our operations. From the way we manage our forests and involve our local communities, to how we use energy and invest our profits, Kruger Products is considering our impact on the environment.

Our investments in sustainable business practices today will help ensure that our children inherit a healthy world to nurture generations to come.

We make it simple for you to be part of the sustainability solution too. Simply look for the FSC label on our tissue products to know that you are making a choice that benefits our environment without compromising on quality.

About Kruger Products

Kruger Products is Canada’s leading tissue manufacturer and serves the consumer market with such well-known brands as Cashmere, Purex, SpongeTowels, Scotties and White Swan, as well as with away-from-home products, like Embassy and Esteem, for industrial and commercial use. We own and operate four paper-making mills across Canada:  Crabtree, Sherbrooke and Gatineau, QC and New Westminster, BC. We also own and operate a mill in Memphis, TN to service our U.S. customers.For more information, click on the following:
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