Demand for packaging to be renewable and responsibly sourced has never been greater. As consumers are increasingly looking for information on the sustainability of the products they buy, the role of packaging producers is becoming more relevant.


Consumers care about sustainable packaging

Based on a global consumer survey conducted by GlobeScan that included 10,000 consumers from 13 countries:

  • 82% of the respondents who recalled purchasing FSC labelled products said they are influenced by the label when buying. 
  • The percentage of consumers who are willing to pay more for eco-friendly packaging has grown from 47% to 59% in just seven years. 
  • 50% of the surveyed consumers worldwide recognise the FSC label and they trust that FSC is effective in protecting forests.

The FSC label is a powerful tool that can help paper and packaging companies credibly demonstrate the highest environmental credentials. Furthermore, companies with commitments to both sourcing from FSC sustainable sources, and focusing on innovative packaging design, have succeeded in unlocking new revenue streams and creating a unique competitive advantage within their industry.


Take Action Today

  • Source FSC-certified materials, packaging and labels

    Source FSC-certified materials, packaging and labels - find a supplier now.

  • Share your commitment to sustainability

    Share your commitment to sustainability and FSC-certified materials by labelling your garments and packaging, and include the FSC logo in marketing and advertising efforts. . Be sure to educate your staff and partners about your efforts as well.

  • Already sourcing FSC-certified materials?

    Share your commitment with consumers today by promoting with FSC. Learn more about FSC’s promotional license.