FSC Certification

Did you know that 8 of 10 consumers expect companies to ensure that their wood or paper products do not contribute to deforestation or damage wildlife habitats*. And 76% of those consumers believe strongly in the importance of independent certification. 

Whether you are a forest owner or manager, or a business that produces or trades forest products, it is more important than ever to prove that you operate in an environmentally, economically, and socially responsible way.

FSC's certification system, which helps achieve 14 of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, can help.

*GlobeScan 2021 


Find the type of FSC certification that's right for you

FSC Forest

Forest Management Certification

For forest owners and managers, FSC certification provides third-party audited assurance that your processes and operations meet FSC standards.


Chain of Custody Certification

For businesses manufacturing or trading forest products, FSC certification verifies that products are handled correctly at every stage of production.

project certification

Project Certification

For buildings and other temporary or permanent construction projects.