Small & Community Forest Standard

To help small-scale, low intensity and community forests attain FSC certification, we developed a streamlined standard based on FSC’s National Forest Stewardship Standard to take into account the size, the intensity and the capacity of these operations.

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Standards & Requirements Documents

FSC-STD-CAN-01-2024-SIR FSC Standard for Small Scale Low-Intensity and Community Forests
PDF, Size: 1.44MB
Frequently Asked Questions
PDF, Size: 367.64KB
Summary of Changes
PDF, Size: 316.95KB
Annex A Companion Doc.pdf
PDF, Size: 864.48KB
FPIC Guidance for Organizations
PDF, Size: 916.15KB

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Additional requirements

FSC Pesticides Policy
PDF, Size: 824.85KB
FSC-ADV-20-007-23_EN Maximum threshold very limited portion conversion
PDF, Size: 135.95KB
FSC-ADV-20-007-22 Advice Note on requirements for certificate holders introduced by the Policy to Address Conversion and M37/2021
PDF, Size: 140.74KB

Existing Standards

Maritimes SLIMF Standard
PDF, Size: 732.58KB
BC Small Operators Standard
PDF, Size: 230.24KB
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Standard Draft 3
PDF, Size: 482.23KB