Forest Management

FSC’s Forest Management certification is voluntary for forestry companies who want to demonstrate responsible forest management by having their forest management planning and practices independently evaluated against FSC’s forest management standards.


Responsible Forestry Standard for Canada

FSC Canada’s national standard addresses the most pressing issues facing Canadian forests now, including protection of habitat for species at risk, woodland caribou, upholding Indigenous Peoples’ rights, workers’ rights including gender equity, landscape management and conservation. 

National Forest Stewardship Standard

FSC-STD-CAN-01-2018 EN_V1.pdf
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FSC-STD-CAN-01-2018 EN_V1_Word version
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FSC-STD-CAN-01-2018 with definitions.pdf
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Supporting resources

Annex A Companion Doc.pdf
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FPIC Guidance for Organizations
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Annex H Frequently Asked Questions
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NFSS Frequently Asked Questions
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NFSS Technical FAQ
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