Forest Management Group Certification

The FSC forest management group certification has been developed to help forest owners, and in particular owners of smaller woods, achieve FSC certification by reducing the costs and administration of certification. 


How does it work?

Small forest managers or forest management companies can become certified jointly under one certificate, or if they are managed by a resource management company, the resource manager can establish their own group scheme for those owners who wish to participate.

An FSC accredited, third-party certification body will audit a sample of group scheme members and carry out a risk assessment of the entire group scheme, rather than auditing each individual forest owner. 

A group coordinator will need to be assigned to ensure that all members of the group are using systems that meet the FSC requirements.


Who is eligible for FSC Group Certification?

There is no restriction on the maximum size that a group certificate can cover in terms of:

  • Number of group members;
  • Their individual forest property size; or
  • Total forest area.

The Group entity shall have sufficient human and technical resources to manage and control the Group in line with the requirements of the standard.

Join an existing group

Chabot, Pomerlau & Associes

Contact: Claude Chabot
T: 819-791-8668

Corporation de gestion de la certification forestière des territ

Contact: Normand Simard
T; 418-493-2097 x 114

Eastern Ontario Forest Group

Contact:Glen Prevost
T: 705-358-7913

Fédération des organismes de gestion en commun du Bas-Saint-Laur

Contact: Serge Leclerc
T: 418-495-2054 ext.102

Forêts privées certifiées du Québec

Contact: Dominic Besner

Northshore Forest Inc.

Contact: William Moryto
T: (705) 869-4020 ext. 263

Nova Scotia Landowners & Forest Fibre Producers

Contact: Peter Burchill
T: 902-625-3800

Silv-Econ Ltd. - Resource Management Consultants

Contact: David Puttock
T: 905-898-3085

Start your own group

Please get in touch with a certification body if you are looking to set up and run a group scheme.

Forest Management Groups Standard (FSC-STD-30-005 V2-0)
PDF, Size: 805.15KB

Forest management group certification standard

This standard specifies the requirements for group entities (the certificate holder) managing a group of forest management units under a single certificate, a process referred to as ‘group certification'.