Making a Difference

Forests are incredibly valuable for our planet and all who call it home.

With over 80% of life on land calling forests home, including many endangered species, the sustainable management of forests is one of our best defenses against the impacts of the climate crisis. In addition to the many medicinal plants and food that can be found in forests, according to the Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO) forests are also relied upon by over 25% of the world’s population for their survival.

With the support and involvement of our diverse membership, FSC will continue to co-create best-in-class nature-based solutions that strive to keep forests for all, forever.


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Environment & Climate

We are at a defining moment for the world’s forests. Global agendas increasingly recognize the role of forests in enabling and maintaining life. Without healthy and resilient forests, we will lose the fight...

Indigenous person

Indigenous Peoples' Rights

For FSC, diversity is a key cornerstone to ensure equality in our certification scheme and in our organization around the world. It includes workers’ rights, Indigenous Peoples and local community engagement and...

women in forest

Gender Equity & Workers’ Rights

FSC’s approach to responsible forestry promotes equality and workers’ rights including gender equity - all of which are amongst our top priorities. 


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

FSC is an effective tool to help achieve 40 targets under the UN's 14 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).