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Paper and packaging are some of the most widely used forest- based products, so ensuring they are sustainably sourced is crucial to protecting healthy and resilient forests.  Take steps today for a better tomorrow.


Forest friendly paper and packaging are good for business

While paper- and cardboard-based packaging are easy to recycle, they can also contribute to deforestation and illegal logging if it’s not sourced responsibly. As the world’s most credible forest certification system, FSC-certified paper and packaging can help demonstrate your commitment to forests and allow you to provide the responsible paper and packaging choices your customers want.  

  • Consumer Confidence: 80% of consumers who recognize FSC, say they are more likely to trust a brand if it offered FSC-certified products (Ipsos 2023). 
  • Meet Customer Demand: Certification signals to consumers that your company is committed to responsible sourcing and manufacturing, which supports a positive corporate image, enhancing your reputation and marketability.  
  • Supply Chain Transparency: Certification provides a clear chain of custody, ensuring that products can be traced back to responsibly managed sources, mitigating the risk of unknowingly using illegal or unsustainable materials. 

FSC is trusted by brands and NGOs worldwide

FSC is trusted by NGOs, consumers, and businesses around the world. Our standard goes further with performance-based requirements that: 

  • Conserve  Biodiversity: Plant and animal species, including rare, threatened or endangered species are protected. 
  • Support Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: All FSC-certified forest owners and managers are required to identify and uphold Indigenous Peoples’ rights, land ownership, use of land, and access to resources the land may provide. 
  • Protect Workers: FSC actively monitors if forest managers and companies uphold the strict principles and rights of workers required by the International Labour Organization. 
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Show customers your paper and packaging supports better results for forests, people and businesses. Demand for paper and packaging to be renewable and responsibly sourced has never been greater.

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