Controlled Wood

Although FSC is one of the fastest growing forest certification systems in the world, many forests still do not meet FSC’s standards for healthy forests and strong communities . In order to meet global demands for forest products, FSC allows non FSC-certified wood or ‘Controlled Wood’ to be used - but only if it has been verified and approved. 

FSC controlled wood verification ensures that the wood has a low risk of coming from:

  • Illegally harvested forests;
  • Forests harvested in violation of traditional and civil rights;
  • Forests in which high conservation values are threatened;
  • Forests that are being converted to plantations or non-forest use;
  • Forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.
wooden crates

How is it used within FSC products?

Controlled Wood can be mixed with FSC certified material in the production of FSC Mix products. Products that carry the FSC Mix label can have a minimum of 70% FSC certified and/or recycled material, and at most 30% controlled wood.


How is Controlled Material Verified?

FSC’s Controlled Wood standards define the minimum requirements that non-certified forests and fibre must meet. 

In addition, FSC risk assessments identify measures for ways companies can mitigate risks.

FSC Controlled Wood Standard for Forest Management Enterprises (FSC-STD-30-010 V2-0 )
PDF, Size: 160.00KB
Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood (FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1)
PDF, Size: 1.16MB