National Forest Stewardship Standard Maintenance Procedure

To keep the National Forest Stewardship Standard (NFSS) of Canada current, relevant and clear. FSC Canada has developed a series of processes and tools which allows feedback from stakeholders and users to be incorporated into the NFSS.


Our Process

FSC Canada has identified four processes for addressing complaints, comments, questions and requests for interpretation that are submitted:

  • Administrative Update
  • Clarification via the Technical FAQ document
  • Interpretation
  • Formal Revision Process as per FSC-STD-60-006 (V2-1)

Upon receipt, FSC Canada will conduct an initial analysis of the demand to determine if it can be addressed, and by what means. The NFSS Maintenance Process flow chart reproduced below described the context under which these four processes can be applied. The summary table available for download also includes criteria and examples for each of the four processes.

To see a list of the questions received by FSC Canada, please refers to the section “Resources” below. 


NFSS Maintenance Process FlowChart
PDF, Size: 77.79KB
Summary Table of Means to Update and Revise the NFSS
PDF, Size: 95.37KB
List of questions NFSS_1 June 2023.pdf
PDF, Size: 154.32KB
NFSS Technical FAQ
PDF, Size: 542.20KB
FSC Canada NFSS Recommendation_ENG_5 May 2023.pdf
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PDF, Size: 158.85KB
PDF, Size: 138.53KB
PDF, Size: 209.13KB
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For filing a complaint regarding:

  • The forest management activities & operations on a management unit, or
  • The audit process, results of audit, audit reports or objections to certification decision

To submit a comment, question or request regarding the National Forest Stewardship Standard of Canada, please use the following form:

Specify the section or indicator of the NFSS to which your comment, question or request relates to. Describe the reasonsing behind your comment or quesiton, the impact your request would have etc.)
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