FSC Label & Logo Use

Seen on thousands of products around the world, the FSC ‘check-tree’ logo provides customers with assurance that the wood and paper products come from responsible sources and have been verified to meet FSC’s strict environmental and social standards.

And your customers care more now than ever… 

  • 8 of 10 consumers expect companies to ensure that their wood or paper products do not contribute to deforestation or damage wildlife habitats*. 
  • 76% of those consumers believe strongly in the importance of independent certification*.
  • 86% of these consumers check product information before buying to make informed choices*.

*Based on a 2021 Globe Scan study

wood with fsc label
FSC labelled products

Product Labels

Labels are used on products to identify that the product has been verified to come from an FSC-certified source. Only FSC certified companies are authorized to place FSC labels onto products. 

FSC logo

Promotional Logos

Companies that sell FSC-certified (finished & labelled) products can apply to use the promotional logos in their catalogues, point of sale materials, websites, press releases and other promotional materials.