Brands & Retailers

Brands and retailers have incredible power to influence consumer decisions and drive sustainability trends forward.

With 8 in 10 global consumers expecting companies to ensure that their wooden or paper products do not contribute to deforestation or damage wildlife habitats (GlobeScan), the role of brands and retailers is increasingly important.

The FSC label can act as a powerful tool to help communicate and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable forestry.


Benefits of Responsible Sourcing for Retailers

WWF conducted a survey of 54 retailers from 21 sectors and 20 countries in 2017.

The findings from the survey outline the top impacts that drive the business case for responsible sourcing in the retail industry.

These include: 

  • 80% of the surveyed Retailers reported positive impacts on risk management and brand reputation
  • 70% of the surveyed Retailers claimed sustainability commitments had a positive impact on employee engagement
  • 60% of the retailers surveyed saw positive impacts on customer satisfaction and stakeholder engagement

 Source: WWF 2017 Report on Responsible Sourcing of Forest Products


Take Action Today

  • Update your procurement policies

    Drive change throughout your supply chain by stating preference for FSC certified products and materials. Learn more.

  • Source FSC-certified products + materials

  • Promote with FSC

    Share your commitment to sustainability and FSC-certified materials by labelling your garments and packaging, and include the FSC logo in marketing and advertising efforts. 

  • Educate

    Train your staff and partners about your commitment to sustainability, responsible forestry and what it means to for products + materials to be FSC certified.  

  • Already sourcing FSC-certified materials and products?

    Share your commitment with consumers today by promoting with FSC. Learn more about FSC’s promotional license. 

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